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Align Your BRAND with Ours:

Become a brand integration or advertising partner...

There's a high wall between the EARNED MEDIA stories we produce (pro bono) and this side of things via PAID MEDIA.

We have a zero tolerance policy for shady business trickery so don't even try offering to buy editorial.
BUT if you want to do paid media placement (NOT stories), we can help you reach our entrepreneurial-minded, affluent and active lifestyle audience across multiple platforms. 

Our fans are watching an estimated 8 million hours of Behind the Brand content each month. That's nearly 500,000,000 minutes!  Let that sink in...

What does a typical :30 second TV spot cost these days? I guarantee we can beat that cost and effectiveness by a gazillion miles.

If you think your brand is a good fit for us we'd love to chat.

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