This is my official interview with NFL QB Russell Wilson.

How do you handle grace under pressure? Whether it's trying to close the deal with a big client or presenting in front of a large audience, grace under pressure isn't easy.

NFL quarterback Russell Wilson has some great advice on this topic. He's no stranger to stressful situations and has to deal with tremendous pressure almost every down he plays on the football field.

Keeping a calm, cool head is one of the keys to success when facing anything difficult, including the oncoming rush of a 300-pound lineman who wants to rip your head off.

But what about the times when everything is on the line? When the stakes are may only have one shot and don't want to choke.

Wilson recalls his very first Super Bowl in 2013 during his rookie years with the Seahawks. Expectations were at their highest as millions of fans expected him to help bring home the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in franchise history. Wilson went on to victory but the following year fell short in a dramatic way.

Now in his 6th NFL season, Russell Wilson is busier than ever. He has a full-time football career; is a devoted husband and father; spends time off visiting sick children in the hospital and goodwill ambassador trips to China; launched his own social network called Traceme ( with investors like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley, Alibaba Group co-founder Joseph Tsai, and more. The Traceme app gives Wilson superfans special access to his life behind-the-scenes.

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