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Hayley Williams interview 2017

This is the abbreviated Hayley Williams interview 2017. I sat down with the very talented Hayley Williams from Paramore to talk about her company Good Dye Young.

Paramore vocalist, keyboardist and songwriter Hayley Williams, talks about her background as a musician and her transition into the business world with her startup, Good Dye Young. Perhaps surprisingly, one of the biggest struggles for Williams when she started her new venture was confidence.

Williams says, "I always say Paramore is the only thing I'm good at . . . . Now, I look at myself when I'm working for Good Dye Young, and I think I'm good."

How did she grow more comfortable in her role? How did she begin to believe in herself as an entrepreneur? In large part, because she believed in her company's mission and put in the time to contribute in a real and meaningful way.

"I'm more involved in the business than I would probably even like to be. I've learned so much -- so many things that two years ago I would have said I didn't even care to know . . . the process of building a team, vetting labs, numbers -- so many numbers."


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